S’More Prayer Recipe


I’ve been thinking about easy, fun ways to encourage prayer this summer. One of our favorite family activities is a backyard campfire with S’mores. Using that inspiration, I came up with a very simple prayer format using each ingredient found in a S’more:

Click here for a .pdf version: S’more prayer card

First Graham Cracker: Start by greeting God. You might say “Dear God,” “Holy God,” “Loving God,” or “Creator.” Use the name for God that helps you to pray.

Chocolate:  God’s love is sweet! Thank God for all the ways you feel God’s love- the warmth of the campfire, delicious food to eat, the beauty of nature around you, and time with your family and friends. Have each person around the fire share what they are thankful for.

Marshmallow:  Life can get sticky, so we ask God for help. We make mistakes. Sad and scary things happen. Ask God to help you and other people. You might ask for healing for someone who is sick, forgiveness when you have made a mistake, peace for the world or anything you need! Share what you are praying for with those around the fire.

Final Graham Cracker: End your prayer with a group “Amen!”

Please feel free to reprint or share if you list me as the author or link back! Thank you!

What have you got cooking for this summer??

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