I sat by the pond and wondered…

One year ago… the wall

Yesterday was one of those days I couldn’t focus for all the  half- started things that cry for my attention. Instead of struggling and wrestling with all that I had to do, I chose to take a few Sabbath moments at the pond near my house. It is a place where I find much needed peace…

For the first time this year it is warm enough for me to sit in my sunny spot. I look across the reflecting pond, edged with spring green slime and dotted with the occasional “plop” of  a tiny frog.

This year the woods have been cleared. Where once there was an impenetrable wall of buckthorn, now  hundreds of healthy oaks and hickories are revealed. A Northern Flicker rustles through the leaves, poking for insects. The group of nine deer who have survived off my yews all winter are further back, foraging for the first tender shoots.

This year the landscape is vastly  different, healthier and more naturally beautiful. I can see hundreds of yards between the shaggy trunks. There is depth and texture instead of a wall of thorny green.  Scattered along the forest floor are a dozen ash piles, all that is left of the acres of choking buckthorn.

These ashes remind me that the new landscape did not come about by accident. It came from a belief there was treasure hidden in the mess. The landscape came from expense and sweat and labor and blazing fire. Health and beauty have been hard won in this place.

God of all beauty, Thank you for the yearning that calls me to this sunny spot to sit and wonder at all that is around me. For a moment or for many, this is peace.

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