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Not Just for Children: Children’s Time Series for Lent

Click to Download 2018 Lent Children’s Time- Final,  the complete, not-just-for-children’s time series. “Wait!” we were about to say, “Not THAT candle. Surely there is a mistake, that light cannot be extinguished.” This is not how the story ends! Before we could protest, the candle was re-lit with words of mystery and comfort. “The light … Continue reading

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Prayground Activities for the 2018 Lenten Season – Year B Lectionary

And now we begin to prepare for Lent…  Use the code “BLESS30” to receive 30% off Lenten Prayer Station downloads in the new Etsy shop. Please sign up for the email list to receive downloadable bookmarks and upcoming special offers..  I’ve written previously about the challenges and joys of offering an activity for children in a … Continue reading

A Box Full of Gratitude
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A Box Full of Gratitude

  Praying mantises, granola, family, holding hands with my sister, playing games, the world, the sun, the rain, Jesus, my friends… these are just a few of the things my girls wrote that they were thankful for in the preschool and early elementary years. A decade ago they didn’t use many vowels in their spelling, though … Continue reading

Bible Presentation Discussion Starters
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Bible Presentation Discussion Starters

  For several years I have planned all-ages Bible nights to follow Bible presentation Sunday. These evenings have included dinner and activity stations. Adults and children of all ages have enjoyed getting to know the Bible and one another. This year, though, we will have the activities right after worship, during coffee hour. Everyone has … Continue reading