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Three things about LOVE and the Bible:

This past week, I heard Brian McLaren talk at CEF2018 about creating “studios of love” within our churches. He asked us to imagine yoga studios without mats – just lectures on yoga. Or basketball practices with no courts or balls – just videos about game strategy. These were his metaphors for the way church often … Continue reading

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Last Day of CEF2018 and a new Website Section

Once again I found my people at CEF. Once again I was reminded of my call to ministries of faith formation that engender justice seeking. Once again we are reminded that the church is changing rapidly. As CEF wisely moves  from the conference model toward a model of nooks and neighborhoods, I have spoken with … Continue reading

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The Unspoken Lessons

I am always amazed at implicit learning that happens Godly Play stories. We finished the last lectionary reading about bread (so much bread in August!) in worship today- and the children have been paying attention. Last week when I took out the parable box and wondered what was inside, a child said “maybe it is … Continue reading

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Bible Bread Stories – Breaking my own rule

I have a hard rule in children’s ministry – no worksheets.  But this week, I’ve decided to bend the rules a little with this graphic organizer. Following up last week’s lectionary reading from John 6 on the feeding of the 5000, in this Sunday’s reading, Jesus says, “I am the bread of life.” We’ll be on … Continue reading

Free 2018-2019 Planning Calendar
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Free 2018-2019 Planning Calendar

Click here to download the totally FREE  2018-2019-lesson-planner-blank. Over the years, I’ve found it helpful to have the ability to see an entire season of lessons for all ages laid out in once place.  Created in Microsoft Word, please feel free to adapt it for your needs. I’d love to see how it works for … Continue reading