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A Box Full of Gratitude
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A Box Full of Gratitude

  Praying mantises, granola, family, holding hands with my sister, playing games, the world, the sun, the rain, Jesus, my friends… these are just a few of the things my girls wrote that they were thankful for in the preschool and early elementary years. A decade ago they didn’t use many vowels in their spelling, though … Continue reading

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Parent Perspectives: A Real Mom gives Real Answers about Faith at Home

Today, Erin, aka The Social Butterfly Mom, is sharing her perspective on how churches can support parents practicing faith at home. Erin is one of the super-engaged moms in our church and in our community. She brings fresh honesty, insights, and ideas to our children’s ministry. And, she sends me adorable videos of her two-year old reciting the … Continue reading

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Equipping Youth to Think Theologically

Affirm Youth Questions: “I need proof that God exists before I believe” was the beginning of rich and meaningful, ten-minute conversation initiated by a youth. As I listened, I was privileged to get a glimpse into this junior high student’s complex thoughts on science, faith, and eternity. At the end of the conversation, I affirmed their … Continue reading