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Prayground Activities for the September Lectionary:

Praygrounds, or dedicated areas in the worship space for children, are a wonderful new development many churches have added. But, what if you don’t have a dedicated space? We share our small sanctuary with another congregation, so a permanent area with furniture or baby equipment wasn’t an option for us. Instead, we use the empty … Continue reading

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Teen Friendly Back to School Blessing:

I have noticed that the youth are less enthusiastic about backpack blessing tags than the younger kids.  This year I decided to try to come up with a something that appealed to a wider age range. The blessing reminder needs to be: Youth friendly. Visually appealing. Budget-friendly. Reflect our church’s commitment to inclusion. Be a … Continue reading

Youth Ministry 15 Minutes at a Time: Free Webinar and Giveaway!
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Youth Ministry 15 Minutes at a Time: Free Webinar and Giveaway!

Thursday, September 7, 2017, I will be presenting a youth ministry webinar focused on practical, imaginative and creative activities grounded in HOPE. Click here to register (webinar will be recorded). As a fun surprise, I will be giving away a copy of one of my favorite youth ministry books: Organic Student Ministry by Stephen Ingram through … Continue reading

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Using Google Classroom: An Experiment in Online Faith Formation

Many subscription-based services are out of our budget range and don’t offer content flexibility. We’ve tried Facebook groups for Bible study, but they tend to fizzle out.  Last Spring, Google made it possible for anyone with a Gmail account to launch a class in their free app, Google Classroom. Wanting to experiment with potential uses, … Continue reading

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Inviting children to pass the peace

Since hearing Diana Butler Bass speak at CEF last October, I have been pondering her four-part “Agenda for Christian Formation.” Inspired by her book, Grounded, she suggests where and how people are searching for God: Spiritual Peace and Well Being Sense of Awe and Wonder about the Universe Deep Sense of Gratitude Engaging Meaning and Purpose of … Continue reading