About Bless Each One

Welcome! This is the space where I share engaging faith-forming experiences, community art projects, and other inspiring thoughts on Christian Faith Formation. Please use this sign up to receive posts via email or follow Bless Each on on Facebook.  I post 2-4 times per month. I do not share my mailing list with anyone.

I currently serve as the Director of Christian Education at Kenilworth Union Church.  I am a provisional deacon in the United Methodist Church. A wife and mom to two inspiring teenage girls, in my spare time, I enjoy tennis, native gardening, reading, cooking and photography. You can read about the inspiration for the name of this blog here. Most recently I served as Director of Ministries with Children and Youth at Northbrook UMC  and as the part-time content manager for Christians Engaged in Faith Formation – a professional networking group.

The views expressed on this blog are entirely my own. While I do offer downloads for purchase on Etsy which offsets some of the costs of hosting the site, I currently do not receive any compensation through ads on this blog. My primary goal is to share ideas with other Christian educators and parents.

I am grateful for the many friendships that have developed through this website. Please be in touch – I love talking about faith formation with other leaders!


Christine Voreis Hides

13 thoughts

  1. Hi Christine! I am glad i found your blog, too! I loved your article in the building faith website, and wondered where I could get more information about the altar cloth with hands on it. I would love to have an intergenerational group make this.

    my email is revdiroth @ gmail.com


  2. Christine, would love to read your blog. As you know, I moved from DCE to Welcome and Connecting Ministries in 2015 at Our Saviour’s United Methodist Church in Schaumburg.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. I have just found your blog after a post of yours was shared on Grow Christians. My church role is Faith Formation & your blog fits totally with what we are doing. We have just started to think about our Advent take home pack ideas, so that we can be organised but also so that we can present them at a Faith at Home Workshop in October. Looking forward to exploring your blog some more.


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