Resources for Pastor & Staff Changes

Part III of the Collected Works series is an important one in this season of ministry transitions. You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as frequently as usual. In addition to finishing up seminary and preparing for ordination interviews, I’m co-leading the planning of a conference youth ministry workshop and college searching with my oldest daughter. Phew! For the next little bit my blog posts will be collections of previous posts that I hope will be helpful to your ministry. I’ll also be working on an upcoming webinar Praygrounds and Worship Activities for Children on May 22. Register for free at Practical Resources for Churches.

I hope these previous posts are helpful for those of you in transition. You and your churches are in my prayers for a smooth and Spirit filled experience.

Changing positions or adding staff? Use this checklist to ensure you have everything in place.

Creating community that can withstand transitions: a visual model for leadership.

Children’s Messages for Pastoral Changes:

Part I: Announcing the change

Part II: Saying Goodbye

Part III: Welcoming the new pastor

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