Inspiring Faith Practices at Home: Summer Bucket List

Parents have been sharing positive feedback about the Lent bags, prayer cubes, beach ball prayers and other materials we have sent home to encourage families to practice faith throughout the week.  Building on our recent visit from the Flat Wesleys, I designed a fun, summer-themed, faith kit to inspire Acts of Piety (worship and devotion) and Acts of Mercy (justice and compassion). We will provide one per household. They are targeted to families with elementary age children. However, I think other ages might enjoy them, too. (Who doesn’t like bubbles?) I made a few extras for grandparents to share with their grandkids who live out of town and anyone else who might like one. Each kit cost about $3 to make.

Included in the kit:

Almost ready!
Almost ready!
  1. Summer Bucket List Instructions, summer church calendar,  weekly  Bible passages
  2. Miniature plastic bucket
  3. Colorful craft sticks for families to write faith practices for their “bucket list”
  4. Bubbles to inspire prayer (devotion)
  5. Magnifying glass to view God’s creation (worship)
  6. Hand stickers to place on the bucket (compassion)
  7. Sidewalk Chalk to share messages of justice and peace (justice)

Feel free to adapt the instructions to your setting as long as you include a brief acknowledgment or link to the source (  Thank you and blessings on your summer journey!

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