Children’s Message for Palm Sunday

IMG_20170220_114936Spring break aligns with Holy Week for us this year, meaning many families will miss part or all of the most important story of our faith. Which means, we need to be creative about finding time to tell the Easter story. This year we’ll be handing out Holy Week Boxes, which are small enough to pack in a purse or suitcase. Palm Sunday is another opportunity to walk children and adults through the events of Holy Week – sharing the story from beginning to end.

This week I have had some thoughtful conversations about our responsibilities in sharing Holy Week with children – there are serious, long-lasting theological concerns to consider. I encourage you to read Traci Smith’s post as well as my own post  on proceeding with caution when discussing Christ’s death with children.


I lay out a felt symbol as I share the events of each day.

Hosanna!! We are waving palms today! Palm Sunday is the beginning of the most important week of our Christian year. We call this week Holy Week. Every year we get ready for the Mystery of Easter with 40 days of Lent. The last week we remember the things that Jesus did his last time in Jerusalem. Let’s hear what happened in that busy week!

On Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. People waved palm branches, just like we did today.

On another day, maybe Monday, Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem and


he saw people buying and selling things in God’s house. Jesus God angry and tipped over their tables.

On Tuesday, Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was. He said “love God and love your neighbor.”

On Wednesday, a woman took some special perfume and poured in on Jesus. That is a very curious story, isn’t it? On Wednesday here at church we will bake bread for communion.

On Thursday, Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. When we have communion at church, we are remembering Jesus’ last supper and having bread and wine (or grape juice in our case) just like he taught us. I hope you will come on to church on Thursday evening to remember this meal.

On Friday, Jesus was placed on the cross. This is very sad. But we know, that this is not the end of the story. We will have a service here on Thursday evening. The room will be emptier and darker than usual.

On Saturday, everything was quiet.

On Sunday, Easter morning – Jesus came back to life. This is the most amazing and wonderful mystery! On Easter Sunday we come to church to remember that God’s love is the greatest thing!

Dear God, thank you for helping us understand through Holy Week that you are with us in all things. That your love is more powerful than everything. Ammmmen!!

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