Lesson Planning Made Easy – A Free Tool

Click here to go straight to the download. 

It’s calendar time! Hopefully you have set a time to plan your yearly ministry calendar for fall. Step two will be to plan the lessons and activities for the year. Over the years I have developed a lesson planning tool that shows church seasons, special events, worship, youth groups, and Sunday school all in once place. This tool is great becausee it:

  • encourages coordination between worship and formation
  • shows multiple months of plans per page (legal size)
  • can be customized to include the ministries in your church, whether you have 1 or 20 Sunday school classes, youth groups, worship services, etc.
  • provides links to seasonal resources
  • and, it is free to email subscribers in both google sheets or excel format!

Here’s the thing (if you are new to Google sheets):

Don’t request edit access!! What you want is your very own copy of the document, not the ability to change my template. Instructions are included in the document and here if you need them:

  1. Open  the view only document.
  2. Under the “file” tab, click “make a copy” to create your own editable google sheet. Or, “download as” if you want a different format.

Please leave a comment below if you find this lesson plan template helpful. More nuts and bolts faith formation resources can be found on my“New to Ministry” page. 

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