Confirmation Tips for Parents Part II: Statements of Faith

This is the second of a two posts with suggestions for helping your child write their statement of faith at the end of confirmation. I’ve seen several examples of instructions for writing statements of faith. In general, I find them to be either too wordy (with dozens of suggested statements using complex words) or too vague/churchy for teens (talk about your relationship with God). I don’t believe there is one right way to write a statement of faith. I hope that the proposal below, used with my own daughter, might be helpful to some.

Step 1: Draw five circles on a piece of paper, leaving enough room to draw or write around each one, labeling them God, Learn, Change, Do, Question.

Step 2: Discuss and write down as many ideas as possible for each of the circles:

God: What is God like? When have you felt close to God? What are the names for God you use?

Learn: What have you learned in confirmation classes? What surprised you? What challenged you?

Change: How have you changed since the beginning of confirmation? What new ways do you think, feel and act?

Do: What will you do differently when you are confirmed? How you will serve in church? How will you love your neighbors? How will love God?

Question: What questions do you still have about God? This is a good time to remind teens that faith is a journey. All of us will have questions throughout our lives.

Step 3: Begin writing down your statement. Using the order above may be a helpful outline. For example:

God (insert the names for God you use), you are _____________(amazing, loving forgiving,…). When ______________ happens, I can feel that you are _____________________.

During confirmation, I have been____________ (surprised, challenged, curious…) to learn that__________.

I have been changed by ___________ (getting to know you, learning more about you, …). When I started I, __________________. Now I,________.

I am going to ______________ (what are you going to do because of who God is, what you learned and how you changed?)

God, Is still have some questions like ________________________.  I pray that you will guide me as I continue to search for the answers and grow in faith.

Throughout this conversation I was reminded of the beautiful depth of teen’s thinking as they navigate their faith. I look forward to many more conversations!

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