A Feast of Lent Resources for Shrove Tuesday


This first year working for a church, I have found that one of my greatest is that I learn SO much from teaching and preparing to teach.  Judging from the feedback I receive from parents, we are all growing together, kids and adults alike.  I am tempted to email blast every great article and blog that I have read recently, but instead have compiled a few of them here.  May these resources encourage and inspire you on your Lenten journey this year.

Wondering about Ash Wednesday and kids? I was, too, until I read this beautiful explanation from Rebecca Kirkpatrick, one of my absolute favorite bloggers: “I remind him of his baptism as well – that the ashes on his forehead are supposed to remind him that he is human, that he will make mistakes, and that he will need to apologize for those mistakes to other people and to God. But then I remind him of the water that was placed on his forehead as a baby, which should remind him that God’s love is stronger than any mistakes he might make. It is a love that won’t stop even when his own life on earth does.”

Need some general information about Lent for kids? Ministry Matters has wonderful information on all aspects of Lent and Holy Week.

Are your kids more visual learners? I recommend  Chuck Knows Church for funducational videos complete with pancake recipes!

IMG_20130210_081206_872 And, humbly, the newsletter that I put together for the families in our congregation

along with directions for our table runner craft on Sunday.

Now, off to find some Fat Tuesday sweets!

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