New podcasts: The questions we are all asking …

Friends, as we celebrate the end of our faith formation year I have to admit to mixed feelings. There is joy for all that has been possible this year despite the pandemic: beloved traditions, live nativity, more time outdoors, and the return of the Palm Sunday parade. There is also fatigue from the continued uncertainty.

A few weeks ago Tanya, Kathy and I discussed articles about Overwhelm and “Will families ever come back?” on the Launch! podcast. As we continue to live into the-not-quite-normal times it seems that many colleagues are facing the same questions.

In addition to the podcasts, I offer these two tools to aid with summer and fall planning and a prayer:

A 2022-2023 lesson planning calendar with links to resources on this website.

Holy God, we gather together with joy and thanksgiving for all that you made possible this school year. While it may not feel normal yet, it is still tender and full of wonder. In the abundant end of year celebrations and activities focus our attention on possibility, gratitude, the well-being of our families and communities, help us to see with clear eyes what matters most. We ask your blessing upon all of those who have created this year of learning and growth, a near miracle when we consider the rules and requirements we began with in  September:

Bless the teachers with the gift of joy and a summer of re-creation.

Bless this board and the incoming new members with wisdom and collaboration.

Bless the children with curiosity for learning and nurturing friendships.

Bless the parents with deep peace. 

Bless the custodians who care lovingly for our spaces.

Bless the learning.

Bless the wonder.

Bless the mess.

Bless the chaos.

Bless the snack.

Bless the garden and the classroom.

Bless the hello and the goodbye.

Bless the carpool and the walk.

Bless the first days and the last.

Holy God, we delight in your presence. Bless to us this summer ahead.


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