Free Download: Year Long Lesson Planning Calendar

IMG_20170615_165929Not to brag, but this summer I am ahead of the planning game! Thanks to spending a super-productive day, including lots of colorful pens, at a Peer Ministry Plan It session with several colleagues, our ministry dates are set for 2017-2018. This calendar includes school events, seasons of the church year, youth ministry retreats and more. I highly recommend their planning method. A few hours of up front planning will reduce stress and save time all year long.

My next step is to create our yearly calendar of lessons. Years ago I developed a concise, year-long, lesson planning calendar. I add our weekly lessons for Sunday school and youth group. I also coordinate as much as possible with worship, so I leave a space for the worship readings. I love having everything laid out on just a few legal size pages.

Click here to download this free lesson planning calendar. It is a Word document, so that you may customize rows and columns to fit your needs. I’ve added dates for all Sundays, major holiday weekends, and church seasons.

I hope this calendar is useful for your ministry.

Blessings, Christine

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