Happy Easter! The first post of my grandmother’s poetry

Christ is risen!  My grandmother, who greatly influenced my faith, was a writer of poetry. Throughout her 90+ years she wrote many poems for family, friends and her church.  I have a box full of notebooks of her poetry and have decided to occasionally share some of her words on my blog.  Easter seemed like a great day to begin!



I went to church on Easter
And heard the organ play.
It seemed Christ stood beside me
As I bowed my head to pray.

I wished not to leave His temple
For fear I’d leave him there.
But back home in the country found
That God is everywhere.

For every little flower that grows
And every babe that’s born
Reveal again the story
Of that resurrection morn.

So listen and believe it
The message that they give.
Because Christ died and rose again,
We, too, shall live.

Louise Voreis

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