Poems from My Grandmother, Post #2


Dear Father in heaven, let me each day strive to be
The kind of friend to others that you have been to me.
Let me even in my weariness find strength to share another’s load.
And may I, though my heart be breaking, ease another’s pain along life’s weary road.

Let me truly serve my fellow man whatever his needs might be.
Knowing that as I have done to the least of these – I have done it unto Thee.

And as I’ve had my sins forgiven in the death of Thy dear Son,
Let me forgive my fellow man, no matter what he’s done.

And now may every word I say and everything I do,
Reflect the life of Jesus Christ so that others love Him, too.
And may this love grow more and more.
Until Christ shall come again,
For unto Thee is all the power
In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

— Louise Voreis

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