Poems from My Grandmother #3

During Eastertide we are working with images of Jesus in worship and our faith formation classes. Last week’s reading was “I am the light of the world,” from John 8: 12-20.  I especially enjoyed the conversation with the preschoolers who noted that things in the dark can be scary or look like something else. Light shows what the shadows really are, helps lead the way and is comforting. The wisdom of 4 year olds is wonderful! So, I was very pleased to find this poem as I searched for one to share this week. My grandmother was and continues to be a great light for me on my faith journey. I am blessed to share her words.

Let There Be Light

Let there be light within my heart
Dear Lord, to guide my way;
A light to conquer every fear
And turn my night to day.

Let there be light when I am grieved
Or friends have hurt me sore.
A light to wipe out all my hate
And make me love them more.

Let there be light to give me strength
When I am weak and ill,
A light to warm me if I fail
To do my Master’s will.

And give me light to do my best
Whatever my task may be,
Knowing that as I do unto the
least of these,
I do it unto Thee.

And when my heart grows faint
And life on earth is done,
May the glorious light of Thy great love
Be near to lead me home.

-Louise Voreis

Thank you for all the great feedback about my grandmother’s poetry.  I’ve decided her wonderful words deserve their own space on the internet. You will now find weekly (hopefully) posts of her work on a new blog, Genealogy of Faith. The poem below is the last that will be up on Bless Each One, which is meant to be a resource to other Christian Educators and parents. Sign up for email updates at that site. The first post is here.

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