New Giveaway! If you give a youth leader a book…Part 2

If you give a youth leader a book… chances are she’ll want to read it right away. But, she’ll need some time away from school and work to get to it. Thank goodness for time off after Christmas! During January I will share short reviews of the books I’ve read over break. This week there’s a giveaway of one of my new favorite books for parents.

Part I: Books Recommended by Youth
Part II:  Books for Parents
Part III: Books for Worship Leaders and Ministry Candidates
Part IV: Children’s Books

Part II: Books for Parents

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Faith at Home: A Handbook for Cautiously Christian Parents by Wendy Claire Barrie: I know a lot of people who are cautious about faith. Parents who want to explore who God is beside their children rather than indoctrinate them. Parents who are searching for an inclusive faith. This is an excellent book for parents just beginning to embark on a different kind of faith journey with their children. She writes on her website:

I say that I wrote it for the people who aren’t all in, who aren’t already celebrating St. Joseph’s Day at home, and let me just admit now, that includes me. I am in many ways the parent I’m writing for. I am cautious about Christianity when it comes to how it is often presented in popular culture and the media. I’m cautious to claim an identity that is often seen as exclusionary, anti-science, anti-reason.

I am also cautious about being a Christian in a pluralistic world. It’s important to me as a parent to make sure my child understood that while Christianity is our family’s path to God, it is not the only path to God.

So those are my reasons for being cautiously Christian. There are parents for whom this is new and very counter-cultural, parents who are cautious because the church has hurt them, parents for whom the church they grew up in is no longer home for them and they want to pass on new or different understandings to their children.”

Can I be honest? My current-self wishes that I had written this book. My younger, unsure and cautious-about-faith-self wishes that this book was around when my girls were younger. Wendy Claire Barrie’s writing is accessible to young parents who may be unsure how to talk about faith in an authentic way. Her book is filled with practical ideas and resources for parents to use.  That’s why I’m giving away a free copy through Amazon!

Liturgy of the Ordinary  by Tish Harrison Warren and Andy Crouch: Disclaimer, I haven’t yet finished this book. I’m about halfway through. It has been in my pile of books to read for a couple months. Each chapter relates  every day tasks to church traditions and encourages to find the holy in everyday life. There’s even a chapter on fighting with spouses. For me, this book is a book to savor over time, perhaps one chapter per month (there are 11, which would take you almost through a year). Each chapter easily stands alone and provides and inspiring word for people searching for God while knee deep in laundry.

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