Baptism of the Lord Sunday: Creative Response

Baptism of the Lord Sunday is an opportunity to engage children with the meaning and stories of baptism and to explore water imagery. Enjoy!

Christine V Hides

Here are a few activities to engage all ages with the Luke 3 lectionary reading:

Sensory Table (preschool):

Schools have all but done away with play time (more about that here). Sensory tables are an opportunity for churches to promote play and wonder.  Throughout the fall, when we are working in the Old Testament, we have sand trays available for the children to use during response time. In the new year, the sand is put away. On Baptism of the Lord Sunday, we will create a sensory water experience using a shallow plastic tub. Shells are added as the symbol of baptism. Plastic boats and fish are included when we learn about Jesus calling the disciples. Small cups for pouring are always available

IMG_20151229_212746Mural (elementary and middle school):

A few years ago I gave the older elementary class squares of watercolor paper, painter’s tape and watercolors. The students created…

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