A Quick Spring and Summer Roundup

How is your spring and summer planning going? I’m playing a bit of catch up here, but getting some things lined up.  Here is quick list of Easter, Pentecost and summer faith formation resources from this blog and others that I am using as we plan:

Faith Formation for Younger Students:

For Easter Sundays we’ll be using the Godly Play “Knowing Jesus in a New Way Lessons” from Volume 8.  I just posted a flag craft, adapted for after Easter Sunday, which we will be one of response choices.IMG_20160205_115409429

Our summer classes will be spending lots of time outdoors while focusing on learning to be an active participant in worship. We’ll be using Rita B. Hayes’ book Worship the Lord with Gladness as the basis for our lessons.

Multi-generational activities:

IMG_20130520_221825Our monthly faith formation for all ages focus will be Easter Continued (using the flags mentioned above) and Pentecost (expanding a piece we made a few years ago). These all ages gathering times have been a great way to learn about faith, connect with others in the congregation and create something that can be used in worship.

Building Faith just posted a piece I wrote on Geocaching with churches. This is a fun activity for all ages. If you enjoy outdoor scavenger hunts, please check it out!IMG_20130411_151343_309 (1)

Take- home faith:

Looking forward to Ascension, this Beach Ball Activity is a great way to encourage prayer at home.


For summer, we usually send home something for families who travel. Last year we created little sand buckets focused on practicing the means of grace. Honestly, if I were to do this again, I would simplify the instructions, a lot. But, I think there are some good parts to it.

This summer we’ll likely be adapting the “Take Home Church” pizza box idea. Not sure what we’ll put in ours, yet, but the activities will relate to our worship focus. I’m holding off on creating this for just a bit as I am curious to see what summer resource Illustrated Children’s Ministry is developing. I have to admit their “groundbreaking new curriculum on Leviticus” had me for April fools! I had visions of lobster and polyester free Sundays before I got the joke (face palm!) Not only do they have a great sense of humor, their beautiful coloring sheets have been a great for a variety of ages.

I’d love to know if any of these ideas have inspired your ministry. Please share! Happy planning!

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