Happy New Year!

Friends, colleagues, and followers,

Thank you for making this year an amazing one for the Bless Each One blog. My “hello world” post was written in a hotel room at the 2012 Christians Engaged in Faith Formation conference in Green Lake, WI. I had no idea that the writing journey would be so long or so life-giving. I am thankful for the Spirit’s persistent nudging and inspiration for nearly 200 posts.

I am amazed and grateful that Bless Each One views have doubled every year since 2012.  The connections I have made through this labor of love are a gift I could not have imagined when I hit “publish” for the first time. I hope that you’ll continue with me on this journey by signing up for my new email list. As a thank you, subscribers will receive my downloadable 2018 Lent Bookmarks.

In 2018 there are several things tugging at my heart that I hope to write about:

  • Moving toward intergenerational ministry in a second church.
  • Youth ministry with overwhelmed teens.
  • Collaborating effectively with other churches.
  • Creative and Reflective “Prayground” activities.
  • Equipping Families to Practice Faith at Home.
  • Blended online/at church confirmation.

I also have some exciting goals for this coming year:

  • Creating and sharing subscriber-only resources like ebooks, lessons, & downloads.
  • Drafting a book proposal (writing this goal makes it scarily real!)
  • Presenting webinars and workshops.
  • Inviting faith formation leaders to guest post.
  • Adding resources to the new Etsy store.

I hope to continue to contribute to fabulous websites like Grow Christians, Building Faith and Forming Faith. However, Bless Each One will continue to be my home base. Please take a moment to sign-up for the new email list so you are sure to see all the new resources being added in 2018.

These pictures of my family remind me that so much growth happens in 5 years. Thank you for learning, growing and sharing with me.


Christine V. Hides


About the funding of this site:

I’ve just opened an Etsy store with downloadable products to offset the maintenance costs of this website. But, I pledge to continue to post new, FREE content here approximately three times per month. As a bonus, I’ve upgraded my plan to remove all advertising.  Unless otherwise noted, I receive no compensation for products I recommend on this website. This website is first and foremost a ministry born of love for fellow colleagues and parents.

3 thoughts

  1. Some of your interests for the year sound like they could be possible webinar topics: Youth ministry with overwhelmed teens.
    Collaborating effectively with other churches.
    Blended online/at church confirmation.

    Congrats on keeping your blog going strong!


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