On Practice… and a new thing I did

I use the word practice quite a bit because it acknowledges that much of life is a journey of continual discovery and growth. Faith, math facts, music, writing, painting, and parenting all require practice. Yesterday, someone very wise said “we practice being who we really are.”  This is a new idea for me, that our authentic self isn’t something that always comes easy. This can be especially true if your faith says you are more than what the world tells you you should be.

IMG_20150516_134737This past year I have practiced, and sometimes struggled, to be who I really am. I get distracted by my physical appearance.  I forget grace which says I am enough, just as I am. I pay too much attention to what others think about me.  I get too overscheduled and overwhelmed to tap into my creative, inner self. Writing is one way that I’ve been working through all of it.  I’ve always wanted to write, but I never thought I was very good at it. Practice.

I find that to connect with others in meaningful ways I must be myself. That means, I must learn to find the place between sharing too much and too little. It means that when relationships end there is loss, because what was shared was valuable.  This blog has been a place to write primarily about faith formation, especially for children. On Bless Each One, I usually write what is safe.

Today, for the first time, I have something posted on another blog – one with a selection process, topics, editors, themes and everything! The writers at The Mudroom share work that creatively and honestly speaks to being real in the world.  Since I found the blog, I have hoped to write like the women of faith there. I am thankful for the space they have created, for people like me, who are practicing writing, faith, and being authentic. My piece, Bridge Over Broken, is up today.

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