Writing on the door post: a beginning of school thought

Having been a school teacher, this amazing  Back to School Door by Lessons with Laughter caught my attention while scrolling through social media. My prayers is that all students will have teachers as caring and affirming as this wonderful woman (whom I have never met). Her idea got me thinking, what would this look like if we created something similar at church?

Here’s my first draft list of “you are” statements, in no particular order. What would you add?

door pic
Photo from Molly Maloy, http://www.Lessonswithlaughter.com

In this space and  in every place,
You are beloved.
You are  disciples.
You are wonderers.
You are creators.
You are ministers.
You are musicians.
You are Bible readers.
You are thinkers.
You are worshipers.
You are prayers.
You are faithful.
Grace is the reason we are here.
God is here, too!

5 thoughts

  1. I like this a lot. I feel like each group of kids could design their own door and change the tabs throughout the year. Perhaps as the liturgical or school year changes. Advent: You are expecters, You are preparers! Or use the biblical or spiritual focus of the class: You are peacemakers, You are pilgrims, You are missionaries…etc.


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