Gathering and Entrance- Wondering About the Parts of Worship

“Wonders of Worship” is the theme we chose for the summer, with a vision of teaching children how to participate in worship with the congregation. After reviewing several books with lessons that didn’t quite fit our needs, I decided that teaching the four part, basic worship pattern by modeling it during class  would be the best way. Our take home worship kits for the summer use Illustrated Children’s Ministry lessons with added instructions on how to use them at home for family worship.

At the beginning of our class, I placed our symbol for Entrance, a picture of a candle, in the center of our circle. I asked the children (ages 4- 8) if there was anything from the room that reminded them of entering worship. They made amazing connections to scripture and our congregation! (I know I say kids are amazing a lot – I hope they never cease to surprise me!)

Here is what they brought to the circle and what they said about their choice:

  • The Holy Family figures, because we gather in the name of Christ.
  • One of our calming water bottles with glitter in it because Jesus gathered his disciples  by the water.
  • Ribbon streamers, because we are beautiful when we are gathered together, too.
  • Binoculars because the disciples looked up for Jesus when he ascended. We gather to look for God, too.


IMG_20160620_122203956 (1)

I wonder what they will bring for Proclamation and Response when we bring discuss it next Sunday…

Want to know more about the basic pattern of worship? Here is a good place to start.

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