A sign, chalk, and a sidewalk are all you need for this prayer station that went live at our church yesterday. I look forward to seeing the hopes of our community written on our long sidewalk in the coming days.  It was originally planned as a back to school activity that I have written about previously. This week, spreading the hope we have in the love of Christ to overcome all evil seems especially appropriate. May our sidewalk become a canvas that shares God’s vision of peace, love, and justice for all.

If you, like many parents I have spoken with, aren’t quite sure how to talk with children about what has been happening in Charlottesville, these two pieces I wrote offer helpful and faith-centered suggestions.

What Do We Tell the Children– Looking for God in the midst of evil.

When the News is Too Big for Young People – Discuss, pray, act, repeat.

By coincidence, an anti-racism learning event I have been a part of planning will be happening this Saturday, August 19,2017 . If you are in the Chicago area, you are invited to join us. Register by clicking here.

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