Finding God in the Carpool Lane: Packing my 2017 Basket

What books and prayers are you bringing with you for those waiting times? Doctors, carpool lanes, kids’ appointments….

Christine V Hides

A 2017 Update to last year’s post about devotional materials  for busy people.

Today I want to share some things that help me to draw closer to God in the midst of my schedule. I am a parent of two teenagers, grad student, blogger, and church staff person. I often find myself with 10 minutes in the carpool lane. Rather than scroll through my phone, I reach for my basket. I am adding some new things in 2017. You can use any container. I use this fair trade, handmade basket which fits perfectly in my hand. I purchased it locally, but you can order directly from The Blessing Basket Project. Each basket has the story of the person who made it attached on the tag.

At the bottom of the basket I place an old table cloth that belonged to my grandmother. I love the colors. I use it to…

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