Creating Connection Online – New Tool

This fall many faith formation leaders face the daunting prospect of trying to connect with zoomed out kids and families online. Learning and growing is rooted in relationships. Relationships are hard, but not impossible, to form online.

What if the goal for fall was to create community and connection? I have an article coming out on Vibrant Faith Catalyst soon that explores this further. Today I want to offer a tool that could be used to start discussions that create opportunities for participants to get to know one another in online gatherings. 

Image Cards for Faith Formation

I have created a set of 13 slides, each with 6-7 of my own original photographs, that can be used as discussion starters at the beginning of your online gathering. I’ve used these successfully in the past to have multi-age group connect with scripture,too.

The directions are simple:

  1. Share one of the slides on your screen.
  2. Ask and icebreaker or reflection question that asks participants to choose an image as the answer to the question.
  3. Participants share their selection verbally, with chat, or annotate.

I am always amazed at the connections kids are able to make with images. For many youth it feels more comfortable, especially in a new group, to use images as a way to talk about highs and lows.

Thirteen slides is enough for one slide per week through fall. They are downloadable as a Powerpoint document that can be edited to add your own photos, or as .pdf. There is  a short list of discussion questions to get you started, too.

The cost is $5 for unlimited use by a single church or organization. It is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

If you want to learn more about creating online learning spaces that foster community and connection, I recommend checking out Edutopia, Cult of Pedagogy, and E-formation at VTS.

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