From Madness to Groundedness – Let’s Get Started

On Monday I shared new parenting resources from that helped me to identify the area of my life that needs the most tending right now: spirituality.

I confess that I’ve recently abandoned my daily devotional and haven’t opened the poetry books that feed my soul in months. Too often I reach for my phone in the morning instead of praying. My pens and paints lie dormant on my table. This lack of soul tending has left me feeling a bit uprooted.

The Parenting Compass book says, “Spirituality is the root system that grounds our lives.” In the Christian tradition, spiritual practices are means of grace, where Christ meets us, moves within us, nourishes and transforms us.

So, instead of reaching into the deep freeze for Ben and Jerry to soothe my parental angst, I am choosing to create what the Living Compass folks call a “NEXT step.”  My goal is to spend 15 minutes each day reading scripture and creating a piece of tiny art to accompany it.” My next step starts today with this tool..

And, because sharing our steps and intentions with others provides encouragement for the journey, I created a tool for growing into daily spiritual practice to share with you. Choose the practice, begin with one day, then add additional days each week. There is a space to record a one-word reflection each day you practice, and an opportunity to reflect on the journey at the end. Choose from the free, four week “March Groundedness” version or a six-week “Lenten One Word Journal” version. 

Honestly, I chose the title, “March Groundedness” to give people some lead time, and to disrupt the message of “madness” we hear this time of year. I’m starting today. I hope you will join me on the journey. No guilt, no judgement, just real parents taking the next step.

Download ‘”March Groundedness” or the “One-Word Lenten Journal.”

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