Just for Fun: Online Youth Group Squares

Youth group squares is an interactive online youth group game using Google slides and a screen share. While many of our youth and leaders won’t remember Hollywood Squares, it is a fun and easy game to organize.

Youth Group Squares Directions

The winning team is the team that gets tic tac toe.


  1. Make a copy of this document for your own use. Go to “file,” then select “make copy.”
  2. Set up the board with pictures of group members or leaders in each square. We included some of our favorite things from youth group (rubber chickens never get old!). Just be sure to match the rubber chicken with a person to answer the question.
  3. You will need  9 questions for participants to answer for each round you plan to play. Use trivia questions or questions about group members. Be creative!

Play: Divide the groups into an “X” team and an “O” team. 

  1. Have one person play, “host.”  The host will share the screen, ask the questions, and mark the squares.
  2. Taking turns, have each team choose a square. The person pictured in the square will answer the question. The team will agree or disagree with their answer (it is ok to chat out loud to come to a decision.  If they are right they get the square. If they are wrong, then the other team gets the square.


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