Prayers, Planning Resources & a Better Normal

Perhaps, as we begin to find our new normal, the two things we need most both begin with the letter, “p.”


Now that I am writing more prayers for worship, I will update the Prayers and Blessings section of this website with the links. May they be a blessing to you.

Planning Resources: the yearly, FREE faith formation calendar

For 2021-2022, I updated my 2021-2022 lesson planning calendar available as a google or excel sheet. I created this so that I could see a month of Sunday lessons in one easy view. The dates for church holidays are already included, and I’ve linked to seasonal resources available on this website. Please see the detailed directions at the bottom on how to copy the Google sheet for your personal use.

Planning Resources: the NEW pandemic planning workbook

Based off of this recent article I wrote for Building Faith, and several webinars I did last summer, I created a workbook specifically for post-pandemic planning, available in my Etsy shop.

Are you feeling a bit anxious about planning for fall? Are you not sure your old systems will work in the “new normal?” The Ministry Planning Workbook (available for individual, small team, medium team, and large team use) will guide you through identifying the important ministry shifts for your congregation as churches continue to pivot through the pandemic.

Just a few weeks ago I was stressed about planning another program year in a new phase of the pandemic. Then, I realized, the steps we used last year will work again this year. Fortunately I had written them down so I can use them and, best of all, share them with you.

I am certain this resource will help faith formation leaders build from their “why” to create creative and life-changing ministries responsive to the needs of our communities – communities searching for new rhythms & new connections. The pandemic has caused many to wonder about God’s presence and activity in our world. Let us use this challenging time to live into our purpose: sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, nurturing disciples, and transforming our communities and our world.

The workbook is available in my Etsy Shop:

Single User – $5
Team of 2-5 Users: $15
Team of 6-10 Users: $25
Team of 11+ Users: $50

Update: the booklet is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Together, let’s create a “Better Normal”

Did you happen to catch the Washington Post article about parents’ search for “A Better Normal”? If not, check it out. People are expressing their desire to hold on to the things that brought them well-being during the pandemic: family dinners, walks, and less crowded schedules. I wonder how we can create a “better normal” in our churches. A normal where people are equipped to find spiritual well-being as well as mental, physical and emotional health.

May God bless these often overwhelming days of looking ahead toward fall and deliver us from the endless pivoting!



Instructions for Using the Faith Formation Planning Google Sheet:

  1. Open the link which takes you to the view only document.

2. Under the “file” tab, click “make a copy” to create your own editable google sheet. Or, “download as” if you want a different format. Do NOT request edit access. You need to make your own copy to edit.

3. If you like it, please leave a comment below and share with a friend. Thank you!

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