Back to School Prayer and Stickers

Uncertainty lingers again as we prepare to bless teachers, students, parents, and administrators for the new year.  I know many of us are holding our breath waiting to see what pivots might be coming our way. Please know that I am holding you and colleagues around the country in prayer.

Below is a responsive prayer based on Psalm 23 that I wrote for our upcoming Back to School Blessing. My daughter designed a Psalm 23 sticker to go with  the prayer that you can purchase from RedBubble for $1.25 each if you purchase 10 or more. (If you are able to support her, thanks! She is a college student and loves to use her artistic talent.) 

Please note: My Sheltered at Home prayer book and Ministry Planning in a Pandemic workbook are still available on Etsy.

You are free to use or modify this prayer as long as you include my name, Christine V. Hides. Links are appreciated!

Back to School Responsive Prayer

Lord, you are my teacher and my guide; you provide for my needs.

For you are with me.

You lead me to the places of health and growth: you lead me outside to play and rest.

For you are with me.

You bring joy to my life: you show me the best way even when I am not sure.

For you are with me.

Yes, when I am overwhelmed with homework or anxiety, even if I am failing a class, or starting a new school, I will try not to be afraid: 

For you are with me. 

You are my security and the source of my inner strength.

Your hope is for all people – even those I find it hard to like – to sit around your overflowing table. You prepare us for the  bright future you imagine. When I think of your love my heart fills up.

For you are with me.

Surely God, your goodness and mercy will be with me every day from preschool to elementary school, then middle school, high school, and beyond. Your love is a place I can call home forever.

For you are with me.

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