Planning Ahead: 2022-2023 Calendar and Class

Each year I publish a year at a glance spreadsheet for faith formation planning. The 2022-2023 Faith Formation Lesson Planning Calendar is available here, free to all. Included in this document are links to seasonal resources on this website. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not request access in Google Sheets. To create your own copy, go to “File/Make a Copy” or “File/Download as” to save as an Excel file.

Starting April 21: Completing this calendar will be on of many practical tasks you can complete as part of my Ministry Planning and Administration Course for the Faith Formation Leadership Academy of the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC.

Course Description:

The Ministry Planning and Administration course is designed to equip ministry leaders with tools and best practices for organizing people, schedules, projects, budgets, communications, and content. Options for churches of varied budgets and sizes will be shared.

Participants in this interactive course will create processes for leadership recruitment and visitor follow up. They will draft budgets, ministry calendars, and project plans. Participants will evaluate communications tools and begin organizing digital content for use in their specific ministry context.

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