On Friendship in Ministry

Disclosure: some links below are affiliate links in which you may purchase products I use and love. The money I earn through affiliate marketing helps with the cost of maintaining this website. 

Yesterday I collaborated with the amazing Traci Smith for her Treasure Box Tuesday email. Each week she curates thoughtful, faith forming resources for parents and leaders. It is a ray of sunshine in my email box, and I think it will be for yours as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new picture book, Little Prayers for Everyday Life.

If you know Traci, you know that she is a generous  and kind colleague. Maybe you’ve heard it said that relationships are the key to youth faith formation. It holds true for adults, too. Just this week this New York Times article reminded us that clergy burnout, exacerbated by Covid-19,  is very real. I’m guessing that anyone working in a church setting right now is experiencing some stress and isolation. 

For me, relationships with friends and colleagues are key to staying healthy and energized for ministry. The other day I was delighted when a friend from VTS asked if we could schedule a weekly phone chat. I realized it was just what I needed. If you are looking for ministry support (and just good people to spend time with) I recommend:

  • Joining Facebook groups related to your ministry area (Forma is one of my favorites!)
  • Sending an email to your favorite author. This is how Ruth Goring and I got to know each other.
  • Taking an online course
  • Scheduling coffee with a local colleague. (Cold calls are hard, but colleagues rarely say no)

Thanks for being a colleague and a reader. May this September bring new opportunities for faith and friendship.


PS: Here’s a link to the Family Conversation Starters that I shared with Traci’s readers.

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