The Worried Wiseman Book Review

Reading children’s books is one of my favorite things! From time to time authors send me preview copies to review. Links to the books take you to my Bookshop where I receive a small commission if you purchase the book there. Affiliate links help to fund the cost of maintaining this website – now in its tenth year of providing mostly free and low cost resources to parents and Christian educators.

The Bible story of the magi, or wisemen, found in Matthew chapter 2:1-12 has captured the imagination of readers for generations. Who were these magi? How did they feel? Did they travel by camel? What was this star they saw in the sky? It is a story that creates room for wondering and retellings like The Worried Wiseman.

With rich, textured illustrations (see the unique process here) Susan Eaddy imagines the journey of Melchior and his courageous camel, Nubia. Melchior is a worrier, hesitant to leave home and anxious about the lack of food and water in the desert. He worries about not finding the  child king that appears in his dream. He worries about the dangerous man (King Heord). Along the way he meets two other wisemen, one riding an elephant, the other riding a horse. This causes even more worry. Together with their animals, guided by dreams, the wisemen find the child and offer their gifts before making a hasty escape from Herod. He returns home to find peace in his heart. 

This is a story that both ignites the imagination and offers some comfort for those who are anxious. If you are looking for a strict biblical retelling, this isn’t it. The Worried Wiseman offers something more: a chance to wonder and permission for children to imagine what meaning might exist amidst the gaps in the text.

You might also enjoy the educators guide found on Eaddy’s website.

And, this book would make a nice addition to the Advent Gifts Devotional I published recently.

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