Inclusive, Spiritually Enriching Picture Books- Yes, please!

Dear readers,

Reading children’s books is one of my favorite things! From time to time I receive preview copies to review. Links to the books take you to my Bookshop where I receive a small commission if you purchase the book there. Affiliate links help to fund the cost of maintaining this website – now in its tenth year of providing mostly free and low cost resources to parents and Christian educators.

Today I’m sharing two books from Beaming Books, a publisher of “high-quality children’s books that help kids thrive in every part of who they are–emotionally, socially, and spiritually. … books are designed to spark the imagination and equip kids and families to live full and flourishing lives, together.” Beaming Books offers vibrant and diverse books that fill a gaping hole in the children’s Christian book market. I am a big fan of their work.

All God’s Critters Sing Allelu is a delightful rhyming romp through the barnyard and out to the pond, led by a young child wearing overalls, who I assume to be a girl from her hairstyle even though no name or pronouns are used (which is important when you consider that girls continue to be underrepresented in children’s literature). This is a great book for preschoolers and toddlers who will delight in making the animal sounds. The essential message of the book is that all creation sings God’s praise. This is a wonderful introduction to the meaning of the word Allelu before packing the word away for Lent or unpacking it on Easter. I recommended this book for its timeless message, colorful illustrations, and gender inclusive main character.

God Made All Your Feelings is another inclusive book that features a quote from the psalms and rhyming text to affirm that our feelings are valid and a gift from God. I especially appreciate the child centered text before each quote from the psalm, “God says, Child, you are… (mine, trust in me, stop and pray).” The end of the book supports children’s agency in choosing how to express their feelings and concludes with a message of God’s unconditional love, “No matter what, God loves us all. When feeling big or feeling small. God made us different and the same. God calls us Child and knows our name.” I recommend this book as an early elementary introduction to the psalms and for children who need to hear that big feelings are ok with God.

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