Story bags for the Pre-K Crowd


I have loved books since I can remember.  As a kindergarten teacher, I had an enormous collection, mostly from rummage sales, that I couldn’t wait to share with my babies.  Shortly after we had kids, we came back to church. That is when I began looking for high quality Christian books. Books for a more progressive Christian. Books that were beautiful, engaging and thoughtful. We found some then and now that I direct the Sunday school programs at my church, I am finding more.

Having a good and growing collection of wonderful books is wonderful. Getting them into the hands of families is even more wonderful.  I am figuring out how to make them more accessible to families. Inspired by the great ideas at Flame Creative Children’s Ministry, I have made a set of 6 story bags described below, which are available to be checked out by our preschool and elementary families. As for all the other books, I am spreading them out among the classrooms and our library. Stay tuned for upcoming posts with book recommendations.

Our Fall Old Testament Stories:

God, the Creator:Image

Several books about God and creation along with some things to create with: pipe cleaners, feathers and pom-poms.

Abraham and Sarah:


Wooden stars, black felt for night. Stones to make and altar with, wooden figures of Abraham, Sarah and baby Isaac.



I’ve got to mention Flame Creative Children’s Ministry again for the inspiration for the felt coat in a plastic bin! Very easy to make and fun. I also put in a few pharaoh’s headdress card stock pages to color.

Other Bags:

I also created a Thanksgiving bag with several books about mealtime blessings and a Lord’s Prayer bag containing multiple versions.

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