Upcycled Vintage Prayer Beads

ImageMy mom visited over the weekend and brought some beautiful glass beads that belonged to my grandmother. She was wondering if she should sell them at a consignment shop. I was thinking about projects that use beads and ways to honor my grandmothers when I remembered that I had recently downloaded A Bead and a Prayer.

We quickly scanned the instructions and set off to the craft store to buy crosses, crimp tubes and jewelry wire.  Thanks to a previous project I had all the other supplies.  We spent a couple hours of the afternoon beading and chatting and ended up with 4 beautiful, functional strands of prayer beads. It was a great Sabbath project!

ImageThis is the set I made, incorporating a very blingy cross from Brian’s grandmother that had been sitting unused in my jewelry box. I’m looking forward to reading through the rest of the book to learn more about using prayer beads.

I think my next crafty project will be creating prayer flags from my grandmother’s vintage linens. Do you have things you have inherited,  lying unused in drawers, that could be transformed into something beautiful and useful?

Vintage linens that have been sitting in a drawer for 5 years.

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