Lent and Easter Inspiration: 2018

Lent comes early this year. From bookmarks to praygrounds to prayer stations, below is a list of resources available from this website that I hope will equip and inspire your planning.

* indicates a activity appropriate for intergenerational faith formation.

** indicates activity is helpful for children in worship.

New this year:

Prayground Activities for the 2018 Lenten Season** – Year B Lectionary: activities that work in small spaces. Don’t just keep children busy, help them engage.

Prayer station samplePsalms Prayer Stations for 2018 Lectionary:* This the first product I’ve offered for purchase on the new Etsy site. At $6 for 5 full color participant instruction cards and easy set-up directions, you can’t go wrong. Enter code BLESS30 and you’ll get them for $4. If that’s not in your budget, I’ve posted other Psalm prayer stations that can be downloaded for free. Why am I charging? There are costs to hosting, maintain and keeping this site ad free. Thanks for your support! Tip: Theses prayer stations would work well as a simultaneous activity with the Illustrated Children’s Ministry Psalms Coloring Posters, if you are using those.

Lent Reading Bookmarks- Covenant: Weekly lectionary readings listed on a colorful bookmark available when you subscribe to the new (not spammy!) email list.

IMG_20170320_093354 (1)Who is this man? A Lenten Journey through Holy Week During “Children’s Time” is a powerful series where a candle is blown out each week of Lent * Here is a reflection on entering Holy Week through the power of story.

Lenten Sabbath Practices for families- stay tuned!* This is in the works, too! This brief list of practices will complement Sabbath in the Suburbs by MaryAnn McKibben Dana and/or Sabbath as Resistance by Walter Brueggemann – both wonderful options for a Lenten study.

Beginning Lent:

Pretzel Sunday Recipe*

Ash Wednesday Coloring Page picturing palms from last year. New for 2018, an Ash Wednesday coloring page on the Etsy store (just $2 helps cover costs of maintaining this website).ash wed sample

What do Ashes Smell Like? Things children wonder about Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday and Children*: Some questions and answers for parents of young children.

Devotionals and Readings:

Psalm a Day All Ages Lenten Devotional*– though it is dated for 2017, it could be used any year.

Holy Week Reading Bookmarks

Lent Take-Home Bags from 2015 might provide a spark of inspiration.

Looking to pray more consistently during Lent? Up-cycled Prayer Beads and Dyed Prayer Silk Prayer Shawls are beautiful tools to focus.



Easter Flags: Two sets of Bible readings to go with the colorful tie-dye effect flags.

Three Easter Sunday Children’s Time Ideas**: Parachutes, collaborative art, and Alleluias! Oh, my!

Using Poetry to Help Youth Engage with the Meaning of the Resurrection*:  This would be a powerful activity for adults and youth to do together.

This list of art projects* includes painting two-sided crosses for Good Friday and Easter with a multi-generational group.

In the Bustle of Easter, Don’t forget to Teach Easter- an article with creative ideas for  sharing the most important story of our faith.

6 thoughts

  1. Thank you for these resources. I downloaded the Psalms from Etsy for $4+, but Psalm 19 is marred with Sample across it. Could you send me a Psalm 19 that isn’t marred? Thank you. Linda


    1. Linda, I have emailed a copy of the corrected version to you and also fixed the download on Etsy. Thank you for letting me know. I hope to hear how these prayer stations worked for you. Peace, Christine


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