How will we leave our mark this week?

Our Mission: Possible week of local service begins tomorrow. After months of planning it is hard to believe tomorrow is the day. I am wondering, what did I forget? Do we have enough work? Do we have enough people? What will go wrong? What will go right? I am thankful for all the preparation and planning done by our rock solid mission team but know there will be bumps in the road. I know we will all come out of the week changed in some way. What will that look like?

IMG_20140615_104420_839Today we talked about fingerprints; how God knows even the tiniest details of our creation. We also spoke about the ways we leave our fingerprint on everything we touch as we follow Jesus by loving and serving others. My prayer is that this week we will be reminded of God’s eternal Grace and will be encouraged and equipped to do many, many good things.  I am anxious, excited, nervous and hopeful!

A sneak peak at our projects (before)

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