Work, Life, Balance?

IMG_20140725_162310_648Summer hasn’t left much free time for blog posting. In fact, I’ve had to get a bit creative about getting work done around my kids’ and family’s schedule. Here are the top five places I have attempted to fit in a little productivity amidst raising two girls:

  1. At the car dealership- this was a total bust due to lack of WiFii. If I attempt it again, I will bring headphones to drown out the whine of cable news.
  2.  While the kids are away at camp – win! They had great week’s and I got a lot done. The thing is, I miss them so this isn’t more than a one week solution.
  3.  At the library during sport lessons – not too bad for two hours. Great Wi-Fii and quiet atmosphere allowed me to check of some items on the to-do list.
  4.  The beach – I can think of worse places! Yep, that’s me reading the Book of Discipline under the tree while the kids swim with friends (chalk that up to things I never imagined doing). Unfortunately there is no WiFi and the glare and sand aren’t laptop friendly. IMG_20140722_163318_414
  5. Wisconsin with friends/colleagues! Two nights away helped me to tick off some heavy, to-do list items. As a super bonus I was able to relax and laugh harder than I have in a long time. Rest, relax, work, play, awesome.
    This summer has been especially busy for most everyone I know, including me. Everything feels a bit chopped up and fragmented. Fortunately, I have a a supportive family and wonderful work environment which allows me to work from home. And, great friends willing to get away for a retreat!IMG_20140724_141512_248

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