My Top Five App Recommendations for Christian Education Professionals:

Faith Formation 2015
Created with Canva!

Today, I have something a bit different! I post a lot about art, but I have a not-so-secret techie side, too. The apps below allow me to work efficiently, stay organized and be informed. I don’t receive payment of any type for my posts, so rest assured, these are my true favorites and not a ploy to sell you anything.

  1. Todoist: This task list is what guides me through my day. This and the Bible, of course. With the ability to import into google calendar, prioritize, create projects and recurring tasks, this is the to do list list that works best for me.
  2. Feedly: Imagine if you could create your own daily newspaper, filled with content that you choose. Feedly is that app! You can easily add your favorite blogs to your account and read them all in one place on any device. I have categories for Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Marketing, Inspiration and more. This is my version of the morning “newspaper” where I check in for the latest info on topics that I care about.
  3. Canva: Our church isn’t big enough to have a communications person. That means I generate any custom graphics for children’s and youth ministry. Canva is an easy to use site to create professional looking web banners, posters, social media images and more. If you use their standard backgrounds and images (or your own) the cost is free. They also have ala carte pricing (usually $1 per item) if you need images. The image for this post was created for free using Canva.
  4. The newest app on my list is a daily prayer app from the Mission St Clare. As a class assignment, I’ve been praying the daily offices. While my prayer isn’t about me, I do find that I feel more connected, rested and centered through this routine of prayer. I have it on my phone so that wherever I am, I can pray.
  5. Last, but most used of all, Google. While there are certainly privacy considerations for people to think about, we are an unapologetically Google family. Google Drive allows me to seamlessly access all my documents form anywhere and makes sure my files are always backed up. Gmail keeps my four email accounts organized. And, Google Calendar makes sure I get this family of four everywhere we need to go.

There are a bunch more I could add, but I already felt like saying “Google” was cheating. I’m always on the lookout for good resources- what are your favorite apps?

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