2016: New look, refreshed focus

As 2016 approaches, Bless Each One will undergo some construction. I am in the process of developing more user friendly site, where past information can be accessed easily and by season.  With a new theme and a new address (hopefully!) ,  I pray that this online space continues to be inspiring and encouraging. The blog has neared 2,500 visitors, a number that surprises me!

When I began this blog in 2012, I was an experienced educator and volunteer Sunday school teacher who had just taken the position of Director of Faith Formation at a smaller United Methodist Church. Though I had a good foundation, there was still much for me to learn as we developed a ministry that effectively served the needs of our particular community.

Nearly four years later, the journey has taken me places I never imagined. I would not have believed I would ever be in seminary or in the deacon candidacy process! I continue to serve at Grace UMC where each day I learn something new. I am continually reminded that growing in faith is a life-long process, full of wonder in the midst everyday life.

I am passionate about equipping families, children, adults and youth to practice faith outside of church. I believe that faith formation experiences should be engaging, interactive and include opportunity for wonder. After reviewing this blog, I realize that I have several areas that are my particular areas of focus.

The new organization of this site will emphasize art projects related to the lectionary, take home faith activities, prayers and multi-generational lessons. Though there is a focus, a variety of topics will still be included.  The blessing of working with families is that there is no end to the topics that could be written about.  I hope to continue to blog fairly regularly on other religious education sites like Building Faith and CEF s well.

May your ministry be blessed in 2016.  If you have a moment, please contact me. I enjoy discussing faith formation with passionate, faithful people like you!


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