A Resolution I Can Appreciate

I generally don’t make resolutions, preferring to do my imperfect best to love God and love others each day.  Part of my (almost) daily practice is reading poetry that speaks to the soul… Mary Oliver, Jan Richardson, Madeline L’Engle,  David Whyte, to name a few recent sources of inspiration. Today I found a beautiful and most fitting piece by Steve Garnaas-Holmes. Check out, “Resolution” at Unfolding Light. Being more myself and who I was made to be in 2016? Yes, that I can commit to. Who speaks to your soul? Please share in the comments!

Peace in 2016, Chritine

by Steven Garnaas-Holmes

Holy One,
as a new year approaches
I seek to become not a new person
but more myself,
more aware of what is infinitely good in me,
more attentive to you in me,
who you become in me to be.

this is only the beginning, don’t miss the rest!

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