2016 Psalm a Day Lenten Devotional

Our faith formation team recently engaged in a valuable short and long term planning session. We identified both strengths and areas for growth in our educational ministries. The past few years we have sought to develop engaging, intergenerational faith formation opportunities that equip families to practice faith at home, church, and everywhere. In the past, we have provided custom, take- home Lenten devotionals. Families have told us that the guided scripture reading and visible, tangible symbols have been especially helpful in their home faith practice.

This year, we specifically want to focus on engaging the entire congregation in learning and growing together. We also want to further utilize digital space to encourage and equip our faith community. We developed idea of offering a Psalm a Day reading practice through Lent. We will provide the daily psalm list, a small holding cross for everyone, regular digital reminders and info, and both children’s and teen versions of the psalms.

Today we began promoting the Lenten devotionals. Below is our introduction. Next week we will have the reading plans, holding crosses and books available. I am still working on the written component, but would be happy to share the draft if you contact me.

You can access past Lent and Easter resources in the menu above. You are invited to share your feedback on how Lenten devotionals have worked for you below. I’d love to hear what works for you!

Psalm a Day

This Lent, ALL ages of our church family are invited to pray one psalm per day for Lenten devotions. Regular prayer and Bible study are an essential part of growing in faith. Because the psalms contain difficult language and metaphor, especially for children, we have provided three reading options to choose from. Choose the one that works for you; preview copies are available in the lobby:

  • Psalms for Young Children by Marie-Helen Deval
  • Prayers before an Awesome God: the Psalms for Teenagers by David Haas
  • The Bible, any version of your choosing

Why the psalms? Most of us have experienced something that leaves us speechless. Profound events often startle us into silence.  Prayer is our faithful response to both good and bad experiences and everything in between. The psalms can be our voice when the words don’t come. Additionally, we may struggle with concentrating during prayer. The holding cross can be a tangible and visible reminder to draw closer to God in prayer as we seek to block out the distractions of everyday life.

What would happen if we all read one psalm a day? What if we explored our own emotions of joy, sorrow, anger, fear, love and hope which mirror the timeless feelings of the psalm writers? We hope you will journey with us through Lent as we commit to a new practice together. I wonder what will we discover?

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