On the journey to Easter…

DSC_4181We think we know the Holy Week stories by heart, but do we?

Arrival celebration, dinner, death… hallelujah!

Isn’t that all?

Perhaps it will happen as we wave a leaf, get our feet wet or sit in quiet, Friday darkness. Perhaps as we watch the people filing by to remember Christ at the table. Perhaps a child’s curiosity or the tears of the person singing next to us will make us take notice. We don’t know from where it will come, but we will encounter new meaning in the well-known story. May we wonder anew.

We are encouraged to re-open our eyes and our hearts this week, but will we?

Arrival celebration, dinner, death… hallelujah!

There’s more.

Will more unfold slowly, like a lily? Will more be a new thread woven into our textured tapestries of faith?  We are hoping for more: more forgiveness, more grace and more love in the words we hear during Holy Week. May we embrace again the great mystery.

We think we know this story by heart, but there is more.

Arrival celebration, dinner, death… hallelujah! Love, grace, forgiveness, hope, and life!

Thanks be to God for the more, so much more, of Holy Week.


Knowing that this Holy Week is also spring break for many, I put together a quick guide, Holy Week On the Go Web version, for reading the stories together as a family. There are some wonderful resources at www.buildfaith.org, too. Each year there is new  meaning to be found in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I pray for us all grow in grace and knowledge this Holy Week



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