“I have seen the Lord.”

IMG_20160326_130031Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!

Each year we are offered the opportunity to encounter the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through Easter. We read that when Mary left the tomb, she announced, “I have seen the Lord.” John 20:18.

Just one year ago I shared the first of my grandmother’s poems that had been sitting in a cardboard box for nearly a decade. Her words have been given new life. The poems have strengthened connections in our family, reminded us of nearly forgotten memories, and brought hope and joy to many. I have seen the Lord at work in her words. Over the last year I have seen other miraculous things: broken relationships mended, self-less acts of love in tragic times, even hugs that came at the most needed and unexpected times. I have seen the  Lord in all these things.

Where have you seen the Lord? Where have you seen hope and joy rise from grief and sadness? Who will you tell about what you have seen?


I went to church on Easter
And heard the organ play.
It seemed Christ stood beside me
As I bowed my head to pray.

I wished not to leave His temple
For fear I’d leave him there.
But back home in the country found
That God is everywhere.

For every little flower that grows
And every babe that’s born
Reveal again the story
Of that resurrection morn.

So listen and believe it
The message that they give.
Because Christ died and rose again,
We, too, shall live.

Louise Voreis

My grandmother’s
poems now have a home on a blog all their own: https://genealogyoffaith.wordpress.com/

Happy Easter, beloved readers! Please check back later this week for more celebrating with a free giveaway…

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