Easter Flags, Part 2: Easter Season

IMG_20160205_115409429I have been looking for an activity for our monthly all ages faith formation time that would tie the readings of Easter together with our class lessons and emphasize that Easter is a season not just one Sunday. A couple of years ago we created flags as we read the stories of Holy Week. Each day had a different color. Directions  were recently posted at Building Faith.

I have adapted the flag activity to use the readings from the Godly Play lessons, “Knowing Jesus in a New Way” from Volume 8. My hope is that adults, children and youth will engage with these stories of Jesus after the resurrection in a new way. I particularly like how the Godly Play lessons describe how Jesus’s followers had to learn to know Jesus without him being physically present. We encounter this same challenge which is one of the reasons these passages have much meaning for us now.

To find the complete directions, see the original post, here. Below is a list of the new set of readings and the suggested colors/symbols for each. As the colors are applied, the butterfly symbol is revealed to us as Jesus is revealed to us through the readings of Easter.


Known in Absence – John 20:1-10 – white flag for empty tomb, green for garden

Known in Breaking Bread – Luke 24:13-35 – yellow for grain/bread

Known in Doubt- Luke 20:19-29 – safety pin – touching and seeing to believe

Known in the Morning – John 21:1-23 – Blue for the sea

Known in Making Him Known – Matthew 28:16-20 – pink for love

Known in Waiting – Mark 16:19-20 – white strips of cloth for cloud

Known by the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:1-13 – red


We will hang these new flags, with the ones from previous years, in the church for the remainder of  the Easter season. Please send pictures if you do this project!


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