Back to School Prayer

1918-1919 - Green School Class Picture - Louise 3rd row 1st, Marietta 4th row 2nd, and Evelyn 4th row 4th, Voreis
My grandmother’s one room school.

May the children be well fed and rested, their brains ready to learn, their hearts filled with hugs, their backpacks brimming with school supplies and healthy lunches. May they have a hand to hold as they walk to school or to the corner for the bus. May their teachers be eager, excited, compensated well and appreciated even more. May their buildings be sparkling and safe, the water fountains flowing with clean water. May there be time for being outside each day.

When all these prayers cannot be answered, let us pray that the safety net is woven tightly enough to catch any child at risk of slipping, unseen through the cracks. Let us pray that each community is paying attention and ready to make sure all children have what they need for a year of learning and growth.

Let us pray that this is the year we adults demand nothing less than this vision of every child ready to learn and every school ready to teach.  Empower us to use our voices on behalf of every child, for each and every one is important, each and every one is deserving of a healthy, safe, and nurturing start in life.

by Christine V. Hides, 2016


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