Pray the Way Back to School

An unexpected trip to the wilderness with the youth – Joy!

Back to school is in full swing at our house with my oldest headed to college and my youngest already immersed in her junior year of high school. While we had hoped to do an official back to school blessing at my church, we just weren’t able to get it together with all the big projects we have going on (and a last minute trip into the wilderness with our youth for me). If you also need a quick back to school activity you might try setting up an outdoor prayer station or printing up these question cards for parents.

As we consider the ways we can advocate for students in our care, I invite Chicago area readers to register for an event hosted by United Voices for Children where I serve as a board member. The Delving Deeper Race and Well Being workshop on September 14 is intended for a wide variety of community practitioners: social workers and social service agency staff; teachers and educational administrators; law enforcement personnel; first responders; as well as clergy and children’s & youth workers.   The workshop will highlight how healing-centered engagement and restorative and sustaining practices are key to understanding the number and complexities of needs in the lives of those we serve and support.

Pray with me that this is the year we adults demand nothing less than the vision of every child ready to learn and every school ready to teach.  Empower us to use our voices on behalf of every child, for each and every one is important, each and every one is deserving of a healthy, safe, and nurturing start in life.

I invite you all to put prayer into action as we care for the children in our families, our churches, and our communities. Grace and peace, Christine

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