Rough week? Me, too.

Photo by Daniel Irmler, used with permission.

I’m especially looking forward to Holy Communion this Sunday. I look forward to admitting that as hard as I am trying, it isn’t enough to make much of dent in the suffering of the world. As much I as I hate to admit it, the truth is that I cause real suffering and pain, too.  I am eager to be united with my Christian family from near and far at our common table and remember that I am not alone. I need to hear once again that sin and evil will not prevail. God has the final word. That word is love. That word is peace. That word is hope.

Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. A little piece of bread and a few drops of juice are our taste of this impossible mystery, nourishing us for the journey. Rough week? Me, too. Want to sit together this Sunday?

If you are a parent, here’s a letter of encouragement for Communion Sunday.

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